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— Hybrid Client Program —

Take our trainers' expertise with you wherever you workout.

Our latest hybrid client program presents an affordable option for clients who are interested in individualized programming and attention but might not be able to schedule routine one-on-one private sessions with a personal trainer.  The hybrid program provides clients with a monthly custom workout program that they can do at a home gym or workout facility of their choice. Local Hybrid clients will meet with a UFS trainer once a month to gauge progress and make adjustments to their program. Outside of that scheduled check-in, clients are free to complete their workouts at their leisure. If you want to get in a workout on your own time, but want the accountability and expertise of a personal trainer, hybrid training might be the right option for you!

Included in each month of the local hybrid program:

  1. 60 minute in-person private personal training session with a professional personal trainer. Use your hour to review your month program, check form, ask questions, and receive both support and accountability.
  2. Four week strength and mobility training program tailored to meet your needs and goals. With three custom strength workouts a week, linearly build strength safely and effectively.
  3. Electronic access to personal trainer to answer questions, receive accountability, and review pictures and video upon request.

We specialize in tailoring movement programs to your needs, interests, and goals.  Programs can be created to support doctors movement prescriptions, or to take a student-athlete to their next level of performance. We work with individuals who are actively participating in Barre, Orange Theory, and Crossfit – completing their group workouts with a personalized program.

Regardless of your health history or current movement levels, you are welcomed a UFS Hybrid client.  Receive the benefits of private personal training while working out on a schedule and budget that works well for you


Local Hybrid Client: $199/month

Remote Hybrid Client: $140/month (Does not include in person session, but does include e-mail video/photo review, accountability, and availability for program questions)


Inquire for a complimentary initial consultation to begin your strength program today!

Clients are welcome to schedule additional private training hour sessions to monthly meeting if they are wanting more support in their program. Access to a gym or ability to build a home gym (ask your trainer during your initial consultation to discuss what equipment your program will need) is needed to become a UFS hybrid client.