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— Midday Mobility —

Stretch Your Lunch Break with Dillon


Spend twenty minutes with Dillon Boknecht, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, to receive 20 minutes of custom-programmed movement and mobility work. Reboot your day with gentle movement and restoration during your lunch hour. Sign up here!

As a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and NASM certified Personal Trainer, Dillon is equipped to help you relieve everyday muscle aches and pains to improve your ability to move and feel better. Dillon implements a corrective exercise program to create balance, stability and mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.

Receive an individualized mobility session to:

Improve Posture

Increase Blood Flow

Relieve Stress & Muscular Aches

Decrease Mental & Physical Fatigue

Midday Mobility sessions are conducted one-on-one in one of our three private studios on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Begin by discussing your wellness goals with a complimentary Initial Consultation, and then work with Dillon to develop an individualized program that is tailored to address your needs and goals.

Each 20-minute session will be used as an opportunity to restore and empower you in your own body. Receive flexibility and balance training, posture correction exercises, injury prevention strategies, self-mobilization techniques, and fall prevention tips.

Cost: $22/session

Availability: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00 pm

Avoid the mental and physical “3 o’clock crash” and schedule your 20 minutes of self-preservation today through our online scheduler,