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At Urban Fitness Studio, we believe in the power of healing and strengthening through motion no matter your age, ability level, or goals. We establish mind-body connection through proper movement patterns and thrive in sharing each client’s unique wellness journey with our attention to detail and care.

We dedicate ourselves to the craft of personal training to ensure our Bloomington community receives the premier personal training service we believe it deserves.  Join our safe place and receive an individualized program that’s implemented with expertise and compassion.

Our team consists of personal trainers who embody passion and professionalism, and are excited to empower others in their own strength.   Meet our team below.

— Meet Our Team —

— Chris Branam —

Chris Branam

Position: Head Personal Trainer + Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Alma Mater: Campbellsville University, Bachelor of Arts | Antioch University, Masters in Creative Writing
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Chris is a townie, born and raised in Bloomington. His love for movement began with his career in wrestling, where he discovered the advantages flexibility and strength gave him over his opponents. Chris competed at the national level for Campbellsville University and finished his career as an Academic All-American.

After college, Chris began competing in the Scottish Highland Games in order to continue his love for competition. While training for Highland Games and looking for ways to develop more explosive strength, Chris discovered the sport of weightlifting in which he continues to compete. Weightlifting taught Chris a lot about the power of flexibility, stability, and the importance of breath and postural work. At home, Chris continues to cultivate a meditation and yoga practice and fully believes in the power of mindfulness.

Chris comes to the studio excited to empower people in their own bodies through strength training. He is a teacher by trade and a lifelong
student. Chris studies kinesiology in his spare time – his strength training has led him to functional movement screenings through the teachings of Gray Cook and postural restoration breath work through the teachings of Quinn Henoch. He explores new mobility and corrective exercises for himself and his weightlifting athletes. He continues to expand his knowledge through time spent learning from Dr. Steve Casper’s extensive knowledge and prescribed exercises. He is excited to share his passion with others and to help his clients fully realize the movement potential they are blessed with.

Interested in off-site programming? Weightlifting specific programming/coaching? Reach out to Chris today!

— Dillon Boknecht —

Dillon Boknecht

Position: NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Corrective Exercise Specialist
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Columbus, Indiana

Dillon was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, and went to Brown County High. A lifelong athletic career led Dillon into his passion for studying weight-lifting and personal training. His love for movement drew him to major in Exercise Science and Minor in Nutrition at Indiana University. He is currently on track as a pre-physical therapy student.

Dillon loves studying mobility and the quality of life that movement can provide for people. He believes that movement and nutrition drive a healthy life. Dillon is constantly learning more about the body through ongoing shadowing, research, and study and brings what he learns into the studio. Dillon loves to see his clients gain mobility and reduce pain as they train for life and beyond. With a heart for the aging population, Dillon is constantly trying new ways to treat old habits.

— Brittni King —

Brittni King

Position: Personal Trainer 
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Virginia

Brittni was brought to Bloomington by her Track & Field career. She competed as a varsity athlete on the Indiana University Track & Field team all four years of her undergraduate degree. As an undergraduate, Brittni majored in Health Fitness Specialist and minored in Public Health from the University’s School of Public Health. She is currently a graduate student pursuing her Master’s of Public Health, double majoring in Physical Activity and Behavioral, Social and Community Health from IUSPH.

Her love for movement sparked as a junior in high school, inspired by her AAU track & field coach who opened and successfully ran his own sports performance gym. She looked up to him greatly and credits a lot of her success to him. Brittni really enjoys working with the older population-improving their balance and strength in order for them to move confidently and independently everyday.  

Brittni loves embracing new challenges with her clients. She believes that everyone must at least try before giving up. Brittni firmly believes that an individual’s self confidence can significantly increase through the proficiency of movement. She is excited to make a positive impact on people’s lives through her passion for movement and exercise.    

— Zane Yeager —

Zane Yeager

Position: Personal Trainer 
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Columbus, IND

Zane is a graduate from Indiana University, holds a degree in Exercise Science and is now completing his Master’s in Exercise Physiology at IU. He is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well as certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Zane had the opportunity to play college football following his high school career, but turned it down to focus on a healthy lifestyle for himself.  He began losing weight after his senior season was over through diet and exercise, lost a total of 100 pounds, and dropped from 260 lbs to 160 lbs.

Zane maintains his healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and his love for avid running. He completed his first marathon in November of 2013 and currently runs ultra marathons around the Midwest, competing in distances ranging up to 100 miles.

He spent all four years of his undergraduate degree coaching football at Bloomington High School North, working with athletes from the freshman to varsity level. Upon graduating, Zane has trained around the Bloomington area in different fields of exercise (private sessions, group exercise, one-on-one athlete strength and conditioning, etc.) before returning to school, where he also teach physical education classes for undergraduates.

Zane pursues his love of health and fitness in and outside the classroom.  He has a passion to help others find their strength and make a positive change in their lives.

— Anna Branam —

Anna Branam

Studio Owner

Personal Trainer +  200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Anna was brought to Bloomington by her rowing career, which landed her on Indiana University’s rowing team in 2008. After her rowing career culminated, Anna coached the novice team while continuing her undergraduate studies in Indiana University’s School of Public Health. As a Health and Fitness Specialist major, she gained the knowledge necessary to bring elite-level training to people of all ages, capacities, and needs. Her clientele has ranged in ages from 13 to 84 years old with each having unique needs and goals. Anna holds an American Council of Exercise certification in personal training as well as being CPR, AED, and First Aid certified.

Anna believes in the power of healing through motion. Her programming is focused on establishing a mind-body connection through proper movement patterns, posture alignment, and range of motion. As a practicing yogi and former collegiate athlete, Anna’s training fuses yoga with functional strength training with to find the optimal balance of increasing muscle mass and flexibility simultaneously. Anna is passionate about her each client’s unique wellness journey and creating a community within personal training. She works to achieve her own fitness goals by her yoga practice, strength training, meditation, whole foods, and walks with her dog. Anna strives to provide individualized tools each client needs to achieve whole body wellness.

Anna is no longer taking new personal training clients.  However, she works closely with her team of personal trainers to embody her personal training philosophy and believes in each team member fully. 

Consultant: Steven Casper, DC

Position: Consultant Chiropractor / Rehabilitation Specialist
Alma Mater: Indiana University; Logan University
Hometown: Jasper, Indiana

Practicing at Bloomington Sports and Wellness has allowed Dr. Casper to collaborate with local experts to change the landscape of how Bloomington moves and thinks about exercise. Through training at IU, Logan University (St. Louis), and the University of Tennessee, integration has been the foundation. He understands his role is just a piece in the treatment puzzle. Incorporating skilled fitness specialists into patient care, like the UFS trainers, adds more pieces to this puzzle. In practice, Steve uses manual therapy in combination with active rehabilitation to resolve problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Working alongside Urban Fitness Studio, fosters an environment of innovation for better patient care. This partnership allows for more effective management of patients and clients across the spectrum of ability. It allows for earlier detection of problems and a better understanding of when to progress or regress physical training. This lowers the risk of exercise induced injury while harboring better results and better health.