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Our team of professional personal trainers provides tailored movement programming in a safe and welcoming environment. Our clients are empowered in their own strength to succeed in and out of the studio. We serve as a positive catalyst for change through superior movement and mindfulness training that enhances quality of life for our clients and society at large.

— Meet Our Team —

— Chris Branam —

Chris Branam

Position: Head Personal Trainer + Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Alma Mater: Campbellsville University, Bachelor of Arts | Antioch University, Masters in Creative Writing
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Chris is a townie, born and raised in Bloomington. His love for movement began with his career in wrestling, where he discovered the advantages flexibility and strength gave him over his opponents. Chris competed at the national level for Campbellsville University and finished his career as an Academic All-American.

After college, Chris began competing in the Scottish Highland Games in order to continue his love for competition. While training for Highland Games and looking for ways to develop more explosive strength, Chris discovered the sport of weightlifting in which he continues to compete. Weightlifting taught Chris a lot about the power of flexibility, stability, and the importance of breath and postural work. At home, Chris continues to cultivate a meditation and yoga practice and fully believes in the power of mindfulness.

Chris comes to the studio excited to empower people in their own bodies through strength training. He is a teacher by trade and a lifelong
student. Chris studies kinesiology in his spare time – his strength training has led him to functional movement screenings through the teachings of Gray Cook and postural restoration breath work through the teachings of Quinn Henoch. He explores new mobility and corrective exercises for himself and his weightlifting athletes. He continues to expand his knowledge through time spent learning from Dr. Steve Casper’s extensive knowledge and prescribed exercises. He is excited to share his passion with others and to help his clients fully realize the movement potential they are blessed with.

Interested in off-site programming? Weightlifting specific programming/coaching? Reach out to Chris today!

— Zach BeMiller —

Zach BeMiller

Position: Personal Trainer
Alma Mater: Indiana University

Zach graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology as a Health and Fitness Specialist Major in May of 2019. Starting his freshman year and continuing to this date, Zach is an Athletic Performance Intern with Indiana University Athletics focusing primarily on Olympic Sports but has a hand in all 24 Varsity Sports along with the Cheerleading Teams over the last 4 years. In high school, Zach was a three-sport athlete, competing in Football, Wrestling, and Track and Field.⁠

Zach has always been involved in an active lifestyle and, because of this, knows the impact that an active and healthy lifestyle can have on any individual. He has developed a passion for coaching and helping to guide individuals towards achieving their goals both in a team and one on one setting.⁠

In addition to his love for making people better, Zach enjoys being active in any way possible, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family. Through his experience in athletics and knowledge from his education, Zach looks to lead his clients towards a more active, better moving life where they are truly the best versions of themselves that they can be.

— Elena Lancioni —

Elena Lancioni

Position: Personal Trainer 
Alma Mater: Bowling Green State University

Elena received her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. During her undergrad years, she ran track and cross country for BGSU’s women’s team for 4 years and has been running since she was 8 years old. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health specializing in physical activity and behavior at Indiana University.

She wants to be able to provide the resources and knowledge one needs to live a fulfilling life. Elena has found that she is happiest when she is working with the public and connecting with others. She loves learning from people with different perspectives and challenges besides her own.

Elena wants others to experience a deep sense of accomplishment when they conquer something they did not believe they could. She hopes to impact people by reaching them on a personal level and creating goals together to help them feel good in their bodies and lead a life of which they are proud.

— Greg Belyayev —

Greg Belyayev

Position: Intern
Alma Mater: Indiana University

Greg Belyayev was born in Moscow, Russia, but has been a Hoosier since 2003. He attended high school in Indianapolis and has recently finished his studies at Indiana University. This past week, Greg received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Greg is spending the summer at UFS helping both behind the scenes and in the training studio. He is Functional Movement Screening certified and will complete a movement screening at our local high schools and work alongside the UFS team as a personal trainer.

— Ashley Myers —

Ashley Myers

Position: Personal Trainer 
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana

Ashley received her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University. During her undergrad years, she played rugby for IU’s women’s team for 4 years and has actively played for over 9 years. She is currently an athletic performance intern with Indiana Athletics and coaches 22 of 24 varsity teams at Indiana University. 

Her affinity for exercise began as supplementation for her love of rugby but soon grew to be one of her greatest passions. She has competed in powerlifting competitions for 4 years and loves to lift heavy. In contrast, she is also a practitioner of mobility and an advocate for functional movement. 

Ashley loves hard work and believes that all humans can benefit from moving. She is a strong believer that everyone should feel confident in what their bodies and minds are capable of and is enthusiastic about assisting people in their journey of discovering their potential.

— Bridget Hayes —

Bridget Hayes

Position: 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified TRX Instructor
Hometown: Washington, Indiana

Bridget is an innate mover and Indiana native, born in Washington, IN, and bleeds crimson for our IU basketball program. When she’s not cheering on the Hoosiers, she is immersed in teaching yoga for others, building her own home practice, or perhaps practicing yoga and gymnastics with her daughter. 

Bridget has always had a huge interest in athletics and grew up playing an array sports. After dedicating years to running long distance she knew her body needed a form of recovery and that’s when she found yoga. The first few years of her practice revolved around ashtanga and its athletic practice, but soon morphed into vinyasa flow. Bridget completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Vibe Yoga Studio in 2015. Her alignment based teachings come from her love of human anatomy and proper movement of the body. She loves to add functional movement exercises into her classes as well as her sense of humor. She will leave you with a smile upon your face as you drift away into savasana. She has deepened her love for movement and anatomy with her certification as a TRX instructor.  

Join her Sunday mornings to build strength using your own body weight and suspension or Saturday mornings to soak in a “Slow Flow” yoga class.  Bridgets classes are open to all-levels, her warmth and depth of knowledge will welcome you to whatever class you choose to take with her.

— Anna Branam —

Anna Branam

Studio Owner

Personal Trainer +  200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Anna was brought to Bloomington by her rowing career, which landed her on Indiana University’s rowing team in 2008. After her rowing career culminated, Anna coached the novice team while continuing her undergraduate studies in Indiana University’s School of Public Health. As a Health and Fitness Specialist major, she gained the knowledge necessary to bring elite-level training to people of all ages, capacities, and needs. Her clientele has ranged in ages from 13 to 84 years old with each having unique needs and goals. In 2013, Anna became a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise and also currently holds her CPR, AED, and First Aid certification. In 2017, Anna became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Nourishing Heart Yoga (NHY) with Matece Skow.  In 2018, Anna became a faculty member of the NHY 200 hour curriculum where she teaches future yoga teachers how to integrate functional training with traditional yogic philosophy. 

Anna believes in the power of healing through motion. Her programming is focused on establishing a mind-body connection through proper movement patterns, posture alignment, and range of motion. As a practicing yogi and former collegiate athlete, Anna’s training fuses yoga with functional strength training with to find the optimal balance of increasing muscle mass and flexibility simultaneously. Anna is passionate about her each client’s unique wellness journey and creating a community within personal training. She works to achieve her own fitness goals by her yoga practice, strength training, meditation, whole foods, and walks with her dog. Anna strives to provide individualized tools each client needs to achieve whole body wellness.

Anna is no longer taking new personal training clients.  However, she works closely with her team of personal trainers to embody her personal training philosophy and believes in each team member fully. Reach out today to become a part of the studio family!

Consultant: Steven Casper, DC

Position: Consultant Chiropractor / Rehabilitation Specialist
Alma Mater: Indiana University; Logan University
Hometown: Jasper, Indiana

Dr. Casper appreciates the value of collaborating with local experts to change the landscape of how Bloomington moves and thinks about exercise. Through training at IU, Logan University (St. Louis), and the University of Tennessee, integration has been the foundation. He understands his role is just a piece in the treatment puzzle. Incorporating skilled fitness specialists into patient care, like the UFS trainers, adds more pieces to this puzzle. In practice, Steve uses manual therapy in combination with active rehabilitation to resolve problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Working alongside Urban Fitness Studio, fosters an environment of innovation for better patient care. This partnership allows for more effective management of patients and clients across the spectrum of ability. It allows for earlier detection of problems and a better understanding of when to progress or regress physical training. This lowers the risk of exercise induced injury while harboring better results and better health.


Book with Dr. Casper through his website here.