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— Their Story —

Client Testimonials:

  • “A great place to work out. Chris is a fantastic trainer who continually gets me doing new exercises to keep it challenging. The studio is clean, quiet, and comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone looking for individualized training.”
  • “Urban Fitness is fantastic! The trainers and staff are universally knowledgeable, caring, talented and detail-oriented. The level of service and personal customization truly exceeded my expectations. I had a great time working out at Urban Fitness and would highly recommend it.”
  • “I’ve trained at UFS for almost 5 years and it has always been a very positive experience. Chris is a fun and patient trainer who pushes me to get stronger but also works within my needs/limits. Anna’s yoga classes are also great! The studio is lovely, clean and comfortable, and there is easy street parking.”
  • “Practicing yoga with Anna is not only the perfect introduction to learning poses, but is also calming, encouraging, and expanding.  I’ve tried yoga elsewhere but never have I found an instructor like Anna who helps me feel confident and relaxed, who works with what I can do and gently enriches and enhances my capacity, and who cares as much about the mental practice as the physical practice. I feel better and I can do more thanks to Anna’s teachings.”
  • “No matter what your goals are, you will see results! Urban Fitness Studio has done an amazing job of motivating me to attain my personal fitness goals.”
  • “Each staff member at Urban Fitness Studio truly is a class act. Whether you want to lose 100 or 10 pounds, feel more energized and productive, or just want to switch up your routine, this really is the place to be! No boring treadmills, no crowded gym space, just you and your trainer in a comfortable studio setting with effective, innovative exercises that give you lasting results.”
  • “This facility is where it’s at. If you’re looking for individual attention and an environment that is tailored specifically to your needs–this is it!”

“I started training at Urban Fitness Studio after moving to Bloomington. I was looking for something to keep me fit after playing club sports throughout college and graduate school. When I started training, I had nagging injuries, a lack of flexibility, and plenty of extra weight. Anna worked with me to come up with fitness goals and crafted a personalized training plan that would help me improve my strength and flexibility. After two years of training at Urban Fitness Studio, I have lost over 20 pounds, and I am much stronger, healthier, and more flexible than ever before.

Training at Urban Fitness Studio has been a wonderful experience. I am constantly impressed by the trainers’ ability to come up with new workouts that challenge me in different ways. Anna and Carly know how to motivate their clients to push themselves hard each workout, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of training at Urban Fitness Studio.”


Client since 2013

“Heidi and I love our workouts at Urban Fitness.  I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional personal training. Anna and Carly are simply the best. Carly has arranged our exercise routine expertly. We are both more limber and flexible due to the personal care she gives us. We work hard strengthening backs and legs and upper body so we can keep mentally and physically active. She has checks in our nutrition, daily posture and at-home workouts. Many thanks to Carly.”


Client Since 2013

“UFS changed my fitness life in more ways than I can list. My body is stronger and more flexible. I also understand my body and the way to move it more than ever before. UFS taught me to move, listen, learn, grow, and be stronger inside and out.”


Client Since 2013