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— Upcoming Events —

Join us at one of our upcoming special events!


We’re so excited to introduce a brand new TRX class with Bridget Hayes! Join Bridget here at the studio for a full-body strength workout that utilizes your own body weight instead of machines or dumbbells. TRX changes up traditional workouts like push-ups and lunges and can be modified to match any fitness level. We’d love to have you join us for our brand new class!



Bridget Hayes is back with more Slow Flow Saturdays here at the studio! Start your weekend off centered and strong. Bridget leads and invigorating and innovative class focusing on spinal alignment and balance.

New to Yoga at UFS? Your first class is only $5!



Join us for a Saturday afternoon to learn about the interconnected concepts of the seemingly buzz word “self care” and the art of self compassion.

The takeaway: Feel good about yourself!

How: Through meditations, neuroscience, writing, yoga and 1:1 sharing we will learn to:

• Cultivate self-directed loving-kindness
• Develop self-compassion
• Grow self-forgiveness
• Manage your inner critic
• Radiate goodness to others

Halfway through our conversation, we will break for an all-level movement practice led by Anna.

Materials needed: Journal, Pen, Water Bottle