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Join us at one of our upcoming special events!


Bridget Hayes is back with more Slow Flow Saturdays here at the studio! Start your weekend off centered and strong. Bridget leads and invigorating and innovative class focusing on spinal alignment and balance.

New to Yoga at UFS? Your first class is only $5!



Catch the early bird price reduction of $65 until January 27th! After January 27th, the price is $75. 

Join Greg Burdulis and Anna Branam for a 2.5 hour, all-level mindfulness and meditation workshop.

Spend the first thirty minutes on your mat with Anna, a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, as you mentally and physically arrive into the space and prepare the mind and body to receive the lessons ahead.

Greg is a mindfulness teacher and certified professional coach who has practiced mindfulness and meditation for more than 25 years. As a Buddhist monk in Burma for 7 years, Greg experienced firsthand the power of mindfulness to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. He is passionate about it and has devoted his professional life to helping people like you learn what he learned in the monasteries. He shows how mindfulness can address the concerns of your busy modern life. He helps you understand your experience through understanding your brain’s negativity bias and its neuroplasticity. Greg’s practices develop your power of presence to be powerful, relaxed, alert and responsive—the optimal state for leaders.

Greg’s methodology combines psychology, creativity, and humor leaving you feeling both empowered and inspired in your own mindfulness practice, no matter your level or experience.

Learn more about Greg and his work through his website.