In this season of caution and social distancing, we have gone virtual!

Read more below to see how you can be personally supported in your wellness as you navigate uncharted territory.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to lose our sense of community. As we distance socially, we must come together as a community. We may have to distance ourselves physically, but let’s stay close virtually. Social distance social club.

What was clear before a health crisis, continues to be true during one—our physical health and our community are two of our most precious assets. We know personal training doesn't just serve our physical wellbeing, but also our social and mental wellbeing.  Our team has worked hard to provide alternatives so we can best serve you with the consistency and personalization you love in a season of unknowns.

As we all do our part to flatten the curve, our team now offers four new modes of serving you:

  1. Virtual One-On-One Sessions 
  2. Written Weekly Programming
  3. Virtual Lunch Breaks
  4. Virtual Private Yoga Sessions

The studio's core belief of believing in the power of people continues stronger than ever.  Our team and clients alike have already shown great strength, compassion, and resiliency.  We appreciate your support and continued investment in our evolution as we look for stability for our business and you, our trusted clients.

   1. Virtual One-On-One Sessions 

Continue (or start!) your custom personal training program virtually!  In a world where online workouts are in every corner of the internet, let a trainer guide you through a program that is unique to your goals, needs, and current state. We recommend training 2-3x/week for optimal results. If you need equipment for virtual workouts, please reach out to your trainer to see how they can connect you with the minimal equipment needed for your program to succeed. 

   2. Written Weekly Programming

If virtual sessions are not a feasible option for you, our trainers can send you a written workout.  Your professional personal trainer has created a custom program for you, so please know you will need new workouts each week for continued success on the program you are on. Please note that two written workouts are the cost of one private session.

    3. Virtual Lunch Breaks

Join one of our professional personal trainers Monday-Saturday at noon EST for 20 minutes of movement over your lunch break!  This is a virtual group class that caters to the groups needs and provides both movement and connection to break up your day while quarantining. Come join a community to create some space in body and mind midday! Sign up through or email your trainer to get scheduled.

Sessions are held on Zoom (free and easy to use on phone and computer) and we ask that you sign up by 11:30 on the day of your participation.  Your trainer will send you an invitation via email 5-10 minutes before class starts so you can set up in a quiet place to move in.

$8-one Virtual Lunch Break session

$15-two Virtual Lunch Break sessions

    4. Virtual Private Yoga Sessions

Receive a 30 minute yoga session with Anna via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype  The sequence will cater to your mental and physical needs of the day. If you’re looking to build some heat, move through a flow or vinyasa yoga practice; if you’re looking for some stillness and ease, move through a gentle or yin yoga practice.  We can use items around your home for yoga props and you’ll end each session feeling more spacious both physically and mentally. Email to schedule.


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