Our team of professional personal trainers are nationally certified and experienced in the field.  Our team members specialize in providing a tailored movement program in a safe and welcoming environment. See what our clients have said here.

Anna Branam

Position: Studio Co-owner
Personal Trainer +  200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Anna is no longer taking new personal training clients.  However, she works closely with her team of personal trainers to embody her personal training philosophy and believes in each team member fully. Reach out today to become a part of the studio family.

Anna was brought to Bloomington by her rowing career, which landed her on Indiana University’s rowing team in 2008. After her rowing career culminated, Anna coached the novice team while continuing her undergraduate studies at Indiana University’s School of Public Health. As a Health and Fitness Specialist major, she gained the knowledge necessary to bring elite-level training to people of all ages, capacities, and needs.

Her clientele has ranged in ages from 13 to 84 years old with each having unique needs and goals. In 2013, Anna became a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise and also currently holds her CPR, AED, and First Aid certification. In 2017, Anna became a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Nourishing Heart Yoga (NHY) with Matece Skow. In 2018, Anna became a faculty member of the NHY 200 hour curriculum where she teaches future yoga teachers how to integrate functional training with traditional yogic philosophy. 

Anna believes in the power of healing through motion. Her programming is focused on establishing a mind-body connection through proper movement patterns, posture alignment, and range of motion. As a practicing yogi and former collegiate athlete, Anna’s training fuses yoga with functional strength training to find the optimal balance of increasing muscle mass and flexibility simultaneously.

Anna is passionate about each client’s unique wellness journey and creating a community within personal training. She works to achieve her own wellness goals through regular strength training,  time on her yoga mat, meditation, and intuitive eating. When Anna is not at the studio, she can be found at IU teaching Personal Fitness or walking her dogs around Bryan Park

Chris Branam

Position: Studio Co-Owner, Head Personal Trainer. + Olympic Weightlifting Coach
Alma Mater: Campbellsville University, Bachelor of Arts | Antioch University, Masters in Creative Writing
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Chris is a townie, born and raised in Bloomington. His love for movement began with his career in wrestling, where he discovered the advantages flexibility and strength gave him over his opponents. Chris competed at the national level for Campbellsville University and finished his career as an Academic All-American.

After college, Chris began competing in the Scottish Highland Games in order to continue his love for competition. While training for Highland Games and looking for ways to develop more explosive strength, Chris discovered the sport of weightlifting in which he continues to compete. Weightlifting taught Chris a lot about the power of flexibility, stability, and the importance of breath and postural work. At home, Chris continues to cultivate a meditation and yoga practice and fully believes in the power of mindfulness.

Chris comes to the studio excited to empower people in their own bodies through strength training. He is a teacher by trade and a lifelong student. Chris studies kinesiology in his spare time – his strength training has led him to functional movement screenings through the teachings of Gray Cook and postural restoration breath work through the teachings of Quinn Henoch.

He explores new mobility and corrective exercises for himself and his weightlifting athletes. He continues to expand his knowledge through time spent learning from Dr. Steve Casper’s extensive knowledge and prescribed exercises. He is excited to share his passion with others and to help his clients fully realize the movement potential they are blessed with.

Interested in off-site programming? Weightlifting specific programming/coaching? Reach out to Chris today!

Elena Lancioni

Position: Personal Trainer + Studio Manager
Alma Mater: Bowling Green State University

Elena received her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University. During her undergrad years, she ran track and cross country for BGSU’s women’s team for 4 years and has been running since she was 8 years old. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health specializing in physical activity and behavior at Indiana University.

She wants to be able to provide the resources and knowledge one needs to live a fulfilling life. Elena has found that she is happiest when she is working with the public and connecting with others. She loves learning from people with different perspectives and challenges besides her own.

Elena wants others to experience a deep sense of accomplishment when they conquer something they did not believe they could. She hopes to impact people by reaching them on a personal level and creating goals together to help them feel good in their bodies and lead a life of which they are proud.

Sarah Pease

Position: Personal Trainer
Alma Mater: Indiana University
Hometown: Elizabeth, Indiana

Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology and her Master of Science in Kinesiology from Indiana University. During her time as an undergraduate she ran cross country and track for IU and was an All-American. She is currently a volunteer coach for the IU Track and Field and Cross Country teams and coaches running clients online.

Sarah is a certified personal trainer though NETA and ACSM (well I will be..I don’t know when this is going up!) and holds her CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications. She loves coaching and helping people achieve their goals and push themselves. Most importantly, she values helping clients work exercise into their lives and making sure they have fun and enjoy the process.

When she is not working with clients, Sarah is training to qualify for her fifth Olympic Trials. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Carl and their cat, Malcolm, cheering for IU basketball, playing the piano, and reading. 

Maddie Roggy

Position: Personal Trainer
Alma Mater: Indiana University

Maddie is pursuing her Bachelors of Science, in Applied Health Science, from Indiana University. She intends to continue to further her education by pursuing a Master’s of Kinesiology with a sport and coaching science track beginning next year. Her aspirations in personal training and coaching were rooted in her training in Olympic weightlifting, which she has competed in for five years.

Maddie is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and holds her CPR/AED certification. She strives to help clients achieve their goals, and become more confident in their movements and self as a whole. She believes it is never too late to start implementing regular physical activity into your lifestyle.

Alexander Carpenter

Position: Personal Trainer
Alma Mater: Ivy Tech Community College

Alex is an Ivy Tech Community College of Bloomington graduate with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He is very motivated about teaching others with a health and functional movement focus that will benefit their daily life and activities. He stays up to date on effective training modalities that are relevant to help clients.

One of his major motivations is to help clients from varying backgrounds and experience levels to live healthy lifestyles through physical activity. He believes there is a realistic and attainable path for everyone to live a healthy and physically active life. He is skilled at identifying a client’s unique needs for a training program, understanding the client’s motivations and personality, and being open to adapt the approach while reaching toward a set goal for a client.

His training philosophies relate to positional stability and breath control first, as well as teaching to develop on being mindfully aware and in control while doing strength and conditioning. He believes in the value of task-oriented goal setting and focusing training to what a client may directly benefit from in their activities of daily life or athletic pursuits. He also likes to think outside the box and allow training to be fun and enjoyable.